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We intermediate for mid-level, senior and (executive) director roles. Due to confidentialty we don’t publicly display the names of our clients during the process.

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EVBoosters recruits for high impact positions across the EV Value chain. Due to confidentiality we share our job openings anonymous. We don’t offer an online apply button since we work the other way around.

We SELECT & RECRUIT the best suitable candidates within our extensive network in e-Mobility, Automotive & Energy & Utilities.

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Our Electric Vehicle Jobs:

Charging Software Provider

senior java developer software solutions

Senior Java Developer

Based: remote, based in Zurich
As a Java Developer Charging Software, you’ll be focused to further develop and expand a cloud-based application for the EV charging market. Together with another senior developer, you will be directly sparring with the CEO to translate requirements into technical solutions. Asking: 3 years of Java experience, Framework experience (like Spring/Hibernate) experience with frontend technologies (Angular) is a plus.

e-MSP Charging Provider

senior partner manager roaming

Senior Partner Manager e-MSP

Based: Germany, surrounding Essen
Leading Electric Mobility Provider near Essen. Requirements: 2+ Years’ of experience in a similar role, broad network of Charge Point Operators (CPO’s) across Europe, deep understanding of the European EV Charging Infrastructure market (players, regulations, pricing), you already worked in a start-up and scaleup environment, great command of the English language, sales and purchasing capabilities and (of course) an entrepreneurial drive.

EV Charging Solutions

senior software architect ev charging solutions

Senior Software Architect – Charging Software Provider

Based: The Netherlands
EVBoosters is offering you the role of Senior Software Architect, at a top 3 white-label solution provider for EV charging, energy transaction and smart cities. As a Software Architect, you will further shape the technical landscape and lead a team of highly skilled developers in EV Charging. Your skillset: 5+ Years’ experience as a Software Architect / Senior engineer, Several dev languages e.g. PHP, Java, C, Python and/or C# and (preferably) Extensive OCPP and OCPI knowledge/experience.

Charging Solutions

sales director europe charging solutions

Sales Director – Charging Software Solutions

Based: Preferably UK or remotely located in Northern Europe
Given the fact that this frontrunner in e-mobility is growing rapidly on a global level, the time has come to speed up geographically and scale across several markets and regions, starting with Europe. Our ideal candidate already built up and maintained a strong and active network with CPO’s, Charge Point Manufacturers, Energy Companies & Utilities, Automotive and Fleet operators. You have 3 years or more active in the European EV charging domain. Plus, you preferably knows what it takes to develop, sell, operate, and service charging solutions

Charging Solutions

Banner Senior Backend Software Developer

Senior Backend Software Developer

Based: United Kingdom, London
This well-known London based start-up is playing a leading role in the further development of applications for Plug and Charge / V2G (15118) applications. Our client offers you the chance to work in cross-functional teams, to take ownership and lead the fast-growing and agile team. A unique opportunity to shape the foundations of the new SaaS products and make a global impact through your work. You are great a great Python coder, preferably you already worked on the 15118 protocol and OCCP 1.6 (preferably 2.0.1.) Great remuneration package!

EV Charging Infrastructure

Social Global Product Group Service Manager

Global Product Group Service Manager

Based: The Netherlands or Italy
You are in the lead of building and manage one of the world’s largest service operations in the e-Mobility industry. Along with your team, you will further build and organize the worldwide Product Service organisation. The ideal candidate is ‘in charge’ to develop and integrate the optimal strategy for; Service Sales, Field Service, Digital Evolution & Returns & Repairs. Background: Master in Electrical or Mechanical Engineering, at least 10 years of experience in an international scale-up environment on Operations/Service level and you have a cross- cultural and open mindset to ensure alignment on all levels.

EV Charging Infrastructure

Senior Digital Growth Marketeer

Senior Digital Growth Marketeer

Based: Berlin
With a clear goal to grow faster than the EV market our client aspires to position itself as the go-to-company both online as offline to start or expand your EV Charging network as an Charge Point Operator (CPO) or Electric Mobility Provider (EMP). To make this happen, our client will need to further digitalize its sales and marketing approach which is why EVBoosters Recruitment has been appointed to recruit an experienced Senior Digital Growth Marketeer.


Battery Application Engineer

Battery Application Engineer

Based: Italy
The Battery Systems Applications Engineer supports the whole process from customer feedback into design or re-design, development, tests, and implementation of customer specific battery solutions. He or she will form the ‘technical connection’ between the Automotive customers in Europe and the engineering development teams in Los Angeles. You have a Master degree in electrical, mechanical or chemical engineering, knowledge of Lithium battery technology, background in e-Mobility and a cross-cultural mindset.

EV Charging Infrastructure

Embedded Test Engineer Abb

Embedded Test Engineer – EV Charging Solutions

Based: The Netherlands
You are one a bigger mission in life.. Attending this role ensures you work on future e-Mobility Charging Solutions that unlock the potential of electric mobility. Our client is one of world’s leading EV Charging Solutions Manufacturers. With your excellent electronic background and related talents, you test complex charging systems for electric cars, buses and trucks. It’s on you and your team to ensure a safe and pleasant journey. You have a Bachelor degree in electrical engineering or computer science, a proven background in testing hardware and software solutions within an electrotechnical environment and you (preferably) are working in the field of electric mobility already. Apply directly!

EV Charging Infrastructure

Global Support Engineer Connected Charging Services

Global Support Engineer – Connected Charging Services

Based: The Netherlands
Become part of one of world’s leading EV Charging Solutions Manufacturers. You will support local service organizations around the world, keep a close eye on the roll-out and performance of Charging Solutions and Services. Furthermore, you design the future of the connected services along with your Team, offering clients and EV Drivers the best quality and service. You have a technical degree (MSc or BSc), a proven background in EV Charging / Electric Vehicles and a ‘Can do!’ attitude. Apply directly!

EV Charging Infrastructure

Website Picture Country Director France

Country Director France

Based: France
Join Europe’s largest independent Charging Management Provider (and Top 3 player in Europe). In this role you become responsible for further expansion across the France region. Or client offers you the opportunity to build up your own team. Requirements: 1) you are a well-known figure in the France EV Charging ecosystem and active for at least 3 years, 2) you currently work for a Charge Point Operator, Charging Station OEM, Electric Vehicle Service Provider or eMSP. You are well connected with French Utilities, Municipalities, Automotive and Fleet parties. Apply directly.

Based: The Netherlands

Role description 
Become part of a bigger story and join this leading CPO back-end provider. In this position you are responsible for the further expansion into the European markets, achieving top line revenue growth, and increasing contribution margin.

1) you have a proven commercial background in EV Charging across Europe of at least 4 years ( CPO Back-end, CPO or eMSP),

2) (EV) SaaS Solution selling experience

3) you are an experienced sales manager (at least 7 years) and you know what it takes to build a successful commercial international team.

Please contact pauljan.jacobs@evboosters.com for more info.

Based: Germany

Role description
An upcoming Chinese EV brand is preparing to enter Europe from late 2020. It’s your job to hire a great team, develop national dealerships across the continent and build up a strong brand on the European mainland the years to come.

Based: Netherlands

Role description
Join Europe’s largest independent Charging Management Provider (and Top 3 player in Europe). In this role you become responsible for further expansion across the France region. Or client offers you the opportunity to build up your own team. Requirements: 1) you are a well-known figure in the France EV Charging ecosystem and active for at least 3 years, 2) you currently work for a Charge Point Operator, Charging Station OEM, Electric Vehicle Service Provider or eMSP. You are well connected with French utilities, Municipalities, Automotive and Fleet parties. 

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