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Ready to set the new standard in e-Mobility Recruitment.

By 2025 up to 5 million electrified cars and vans will hit the European roads. The available EV Models will grow from around 70 (2019) to 350 by that time. The production of electric vehicles in Europe is expected to multiply six-fold between 2019 and 2025.

As a result, the European employability in Electric Mobility will grow rapidly from around 75.000 employees today, towards 400.000 – 500.000 employees towards 2025. A huge amount of new jobs will be created to develop, market, sell, operate and service the cars, charging infrastructure and related IT. It will be quite a challenge to select the best talents around and have them in place at the right time to keep up pace.

For that reason EVBoosters™ is officially launching recruitment services as of today. This activity is fully focused on sourcing European EV Industry players with the best suitable talent. EVBoosters™ Growth Advisory is already supporting The e-Mobility Industry with regards to advisory services for growth, scouting and M&A.

Already searching in full swing
EVBoosters™ Recruitment intermediates for mid-level, senior and executive director positions. The type of roles vary from (General) Management, Sales & Marketing, Product Management, Development to Operations. The Recruitment company is already operating in full swing and has started the first assignments in ‘Stealth Modus’ a couple of months ago.

Deep e-Mobility market knowledge and expertise
9-year EV veteran Paul Jan Jacobs, founder of EVBoosters™ stated: “We believe we can make the difference for both candidates and clients due to our deep EV market knowledge, business expertise and our active and extensive network in e-Mobility, Automotive, Energy and Utilities across the globe.

Reject opportunistic hit-and-run approach
According to Jacobs the human factor is even more important; “We dare to dive deeper, are highly involved and respect and protect at all times the privacy of the candidates and clients we work with. Above all, we reject an opportunistic approach and are resilient to find the best suitable fit. ”

Due to their specific EV expertise, dedication and approach EVBoosters™ Recruitment is ready to set the new standard in e-Mobility Recruitment to source the rapidly growing European EV Industry.

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