Paul Jan Jacobs

Paul Jan Jacobs

Paul Jan Jacobs is the founder of EVBoosters; a growth advisory and EV recruitment firm purely focused on powering electric mobility across Europe. He’s involved in the e-Mobility Business since 2010. Powering e-Mobility has become one of his bigger goals in life. Over time Paul Jan has become an EV expert and speaker on developments in e-Mobility markets, growth and funding topics. In particular the EV Charging Infrastructure landscape and ecosystem draw his attention to make this huge energy transition really happen.

Venture IQ & EVBoosters strengthen the position of e-Mobility industry players and Investors

Markets & technology scouting firm Venture IQ and electric vehicle (EV) consultancy firm EVBoosters™ will start an EV-focused collaboration from February 1st 2019 onwards.

This partnership offers clients like EV industry manufacturers, carmakers and investors the advantage to act pro-active in this high pace and already competitive market. 

Combining a data-driven approach and EV strategy & business industry expertise, both companies will jointly provide intelligence & advisory for strategy, commercial development and investment purposes

The EV market is ramping-up towards $500 billion* by 2025

By 2025 the net worth of the overall electric vehicle (EV) value chain is estimated to reach $500 billion*. Towards 2030 about 130 million** cars will hit our global roads. A totally new EV Industry will develop in the coming decades. The automotive industry will transform into mobility providers, while simultaneously shifting from combustion engines to electric drive trains. Customer demands are changing and new, flexible and holistic business models will establish themselves. 

Transparency in a rapidly changing market 

EV & Car Manufacturers, developers, distributors and investors face a lot of challenges to stay ahead of the game in this rapidly changing market. By teaming up, the companies aim to make insights and trends in the industry more transparent. This helps clients to confidently address key business and investment issues including: how a company performs compared to competitors; identifying and assessing potential partners and investment targets, and the sustainability of a current or envisaged business model. 

Acting pro-actively is the name of the EV Game

In a dynamic market, companies need a different approach to market intelligence. Together, Venture IQ and EVBoosters™ support EV hard- and software players, Car OEM’s, Energy & Utilities, VC’s and Investment Banks.

Alexander van Os, co-founderof Venture IQ: “Through thispartnership we canoffer specializedEV market scouting andanalysis, helping ourclientsmakebetterstrategy, tacticalor investment decisions”.Paul Jan Jacobs, FounderEVBoosters™ adds: “The right information at theright time is decisivetobea pro-activeplayerin thisfastpacedEV Landscape.”

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