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We are your EV Companion, always on your side to undertake this exciting mobility transition together. Let’s go!

We clarify your options and EV growth path

E-Mobility: A fast and furious industry

You’re growing really fast, but you’re not sure where you are heading to the following years, how to differentiate, focus, whom to partner with and what it takes from an organizational perspective? And what about funding?

Our EV growth services

We help you establishing a sustainable stronghold on the European continent.

Go-2-Market tactics EU

Positioning questions

Scouting growth partners

Transaction (M&A) support

EV Growth and M&A support

It’s time to take the next step to grow your EV business organic and/or via acquisitions. Great decision, but who will be the right match based on your strategic rationale, similarities in cultures, teams and geographical focus?

And how does the market look like in the near future you are about to enter?

Work with us

  • In-depth EV market scans.
  • Current position, high potentials and leaders.
  • Extended information regarding their position, strategy and funding appetite.
  • Ability to scan almost all continents in high detail.
  • The right strategic and / or funding partner based on personal (disclosed) interviews.
  • Commercial DD Support.

Beware and prepare…

Although we’re still in a start-up phase, the European charging landscape isn’t a greenfield anymore.

How can we accelerate your growth?

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