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We're ready to source your rapidly growing e-Mobility business across the European continent.

We power the e-Mobility industry by
sourcing the best people around

with access to over 3000 experienced EV candidates and EV vacancies

EV sales is ramping-up these days. You are planning to expand your business across several European countries.

Besides a great plan, funding, the right technology and partners in place, you need qualified and talented people to make it really happen.

Luckily for you, we certainly can help you find and recruit the talents needed since we have access to over 3000 experienced EV Candidates.

In the next six years, the total number of European EV employees needed will increase with 500%

By 2030

up to 1.000.000 people in Europe alone changed jobs due to the rise of electric mobility

Sources: Transport & Environment 2017,
European association of electrical contractors 2018

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Why working with us

We strongly empathize with your growth challenges due to our deep EV Industry knowledge


We understand the e-mobility, charging infrastructure and energy landscape from inside and strongly empathize with your challenge from inside and strongly empathize with your challenges.


Fully focused on e-Mobility recruitment and in particular on the charging infrastructure, EV passenger car and battery industry markets.

EV Network

Direct access to over 3000 experienced e-Mobility professionals, senior management and executives who are currently active in e-Mobility across Europe.

Current and future EV propositions also ask for Automotive, Smart Mobility, Energy & Utilities plus Digital expertise.

Besides our extensive EV experienced network of over 3000 candidates, we also have direct access to over 7000 potential candidates in this related fields.

We reject an opportunistic hit-and-run approach. Therefore we developed our VALUES OF ENGAGEMENT.

We Dive Deeper EVBoosters

We go the extra mile to get to know better and clarify your needs.

Devotion EVBoosters

We don't rest, are relentless until we find the best suitable fit.

Sincerity EVBoosters

We respect your privacy, are open and do what we say and agree.

Attention EVBoosters

We don't spam, we communicate. We'll stay in touch.

Fun EVBoosters

We look forward to share our energy, joy and passion for EV with you.

We love to share our EV passion
and energy with you

Who we work with

We cover the full e-Mobility value chain

Electric Vehicle


Charging Station OEM
Electric Mobility Provider (EMP)
Charge Point Operator (CPO)
Mobility Service Provider (eMSP)

Energy &

Leasing companies
EV sharing start-ups

Let's start a new EV recruitment search

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