Amsterdam and London lead Europe’s EV charging network

As of March 2024, major European cities have significantly expanded their electric vehicle (EV) charging networks, with Amsterdam and London leading the pack. This growth reflects a strong commitment across Europe to support sustainable transport and reduce urban emissions.

Amsterdam is at the forefront with an outstanding 12,197 charge points, up from 6,668 in early 2021. This surge is a testament to the city’s ambitious environmental policies and its push to become a green transport leader.

Following Amsterdam, London boasts 10,781 charge points, a dramatic increase from 4,820 three years ago. London’s expansion efforts are part of a broader initiative to decrease air pollution and make EVs accessible to a larger population.

Rotterdam and The Hague also demonstrate impressive growth, hosting 7,762 and 6,473 charge points, respectively. These figures not only underline the Netherlands’ dominance in EV infrastructure but also its national commitment to sustainable development.

Paris and Stockholm have made significant strides, with Paris growing its network from 1,509 to 6,282 charge points and Stockholm tripling its capacity to 5,586. Both cities are aggressively enhancing their infrastructure to accommodate the increasing demand for EVs.

Cities like Gothenburg, Utrecht, Oslo, and Stuttgart are emerging as key players in the EV market. Gothenburg and Stuttgart, in particular, have shown remarkable growth, nearly doubling and quintupling their charge points, respectively, reflecting strong local and national pushes towards electrification.

This expansion across Europe’s major cities not only supports a shift towards low-emission vehicles but also sets a benchmark for others aiming to boost their green infrastructure. As we move forward, these cities will likely continue to lead by example, showcasing the potential of urban areas to pivot to sustainable and innovative transport solutions.

Source: Charge Point Monitor

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