EVConsult & EVBoosters partner to propel e-Mobility adoption across Europe

A great number of new electrified car models will be launched the following years by European, Asian and US car OEM’s. Established and new-born EV brands are coming into shore, which is a great opportunity for the overall energy transition. However, all EU countries are different with regards to EV maturity, (energy) legislation, consumer behaviouraland culture. The EV Industry is facing a lot of barriers right now before they can enter new territories.

For that reason EVConsult and EVBoosters decided to align forces by starting a complementary cooperation to support European industry players to expand their businesses across the continent. Furthermore to help EV industry leaders from the US and Asia, who aim to build up a stronghold on the European mainland by creating winning go-2-market industries and to find the right partners.

Strategic, commercial and operational EV support

EVConsult and EVBoosters™ are both highly experienced in go-to-market support and are able to deliver a deep market scan, proposition development per specific country and the technical specs needed. Together they are even able to design and support the sales strategy by targeting the best partners and distributors to work with.

The EV consultancy partners will jointly provide strategy and business support fully focussedon the e-Mobility sector. Besides that EVConsult is able to facilitate operational project management roll-outs and complex Innovation and R&D projects in the new energies eco-system. In addition, EVBoosters™ offers scouting and M&A support for leading EV Industry players and investors.

We look forward working with you!

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