Five countries lead Europe’s electric truck charging infrastructure

Europe is advancing with the electrification of Heavy Duty Vehicles (HDVs). Recent data from Gireve shows that most truck charging stations are installed in just five countries. This concentration highlights both progress and regional disparities in HDV charging infrastructure.

Electrification and Infrastructure Needs

Europe now has over 15,000 battery-electric trucks. These trucks need a strong public charging network for long-distance travel and to back up depot charging. HDVs have unique needs, creating new opportunities and challenges for industry players.

Key Players in HDV Charging

Several major players are emerging in the HDV charging sector. Milence, a joint venture by leading European truck OEMs, aims to deploy 1,700 charge points by 2027. Other notable contributors include OREVE, Recharge City, TBL, and Fastcharge, expanding rapidly with grants from France and Norway.

Top Five Countries for HDV Charging Stations

Gireve’s update reveals over 100 MW of public HDV charging infrastructure, with an average power output of 300 kW. This infrastructure is mainly in Germany, Sweden, Norway, France, and the Netherlands.

  1. Germany: Germany leads with several stations by Aral Pulse, creating a key charging corridor along the Rhine Region.
  2. Sweden: Sweden follows with OKQ8 and Circle K installing HDV chargers at many locations.
  3. Norway: Norway is set for growth in HDV charging, driven by Enova’s grants for truck chargers along key corridors.
  4. France: In France, companies like Proviridis and Watt’up are expanding HDV charging using their multi-energy station expertise.
  5. The Netherlands: The Netherlands is advancing with DCB Charge integrating HDV chargers into existing energy station networks.

Technological Advances and Future Plans

The deployment of fast HDV charging varies across Europe. No Megawatt Charging Systems (MCS) are deployed yet, but several stakeholders plan future installations. Tesla, a leader in fast charging, has not announced specific plans for HDV charging in Europe, awaiting the start of Tesla semi production.


The concentration of HDV charging stations in five countries shows progress but also the need for a more balanced network. As HDV electrification grows, a comprehensive and efficient public charging network is essential. Strategic collaboration and data sharing among industry players will address challenges and leverage opportunities in this evolving market.


map highlighting the distribution of truck charging stations across Europe, focusing on five countries.

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