Your next electrified car will be powered by Amazon and Baidu

The e-Mobility industry attracts Technology companies like Baidu, Tencentand Amazon as strategic (lead) investors. A Quarterly Global e-Mobility M&A report unveils 29 transactions with a total value of over $ US 2 billion dollars. It seems that the electric mobility and charging infrastructure industry is the new everlasting ‘bull market’.

The Electric Vehicles Industry is really taking-off since last year. By 2030 Bloomberg New Energy Finance (NEF) estimated a total of 130 million EVs will hit our global road. A huge challenge for mankind to make this happen. At the same time a huge opportunity for established Technology and Energy companies to support the emerging e-Mobility industry with their inexhaustible knowledge and money sources. Companies like Tencentand BP continued their cleantechbuy-and-build journey in Q1 since they all contributed 2 transactions to their honourslist.

Europe registered most transactions for Q1 2019

Most popular EV industries to invest in are vehicle OEM’s (14x), battery OEM’s, charge point operators and charge point service providers. There were (only) 2 transactions registered concerning charge point manufactures. Europe is the place to be for EV investors with 11 transactions. However American EV start-ups are certainly second with a transaction volume of 11. China is holding its breath in the first quarter of 2019 with a total of 4. The report is freely accessible.

(Sustainable) bull market appeared at the horizon

This report is an initiative of Venture IQ and EVBoosters™ to offer more insights into this promising and fast-pacing sector. According to Alexander van Os, founder Venture IQ: ”It’s great to unlock this data to have a better understanding of the strategic movements of new entrants”. Pau Jan Jacobs, Founder EVBoosters™ continues: “The electric mobility and charging infrastructure industry are the new sustainable ‘bull market’ since we are still at the beginning of this huge mobility shift.“

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