Level 2 charging

Level 2 charging is a method of electric vehicle (EV) charging that utilises a 240-volt power source, offering a faster charging option compared to Level 1 charging. It requires the installation of dedicated charging equipment and provides a higher power output, significantly reducing charging times.

Level 2 charging stations use a 240-volt outlet, which is typically the same type used for large household appliances such as dryers and ovens. These chargers are capable of delivering between 3 kW and 19 kW of power, translating to approximately 10 to 30 miles of range per hour of charging. The increased power allows EVs to charge much faster than with Level 1 chargers, making it a more practical solution for daily use and for scenarios where vehicles need to be recharged more quickly. 

The installation of Level 2 charging stations usually requires a dedicated electrical circuit and the services of a qualified electrician to ensure proper setup. These stations are commonly found in residential settings, workplaces, and public locations such as shopping centres and car parks. They often come equipped with smart features such as scheduling, remote monitoring, and user authentication, enhancing convenience and efficiency.

Level 2 chargers utilise the same J1772 connector as Level 1 chargers, ensuring compatibility with most EVs on the market. For Tesla vehicles, an adapter is available to enable use with these stations. Due to their faster charging capabilities, Level 2 chargers are well-suited for environments where vehicles need to be charged within a few hours, making them ideal for both residential overnight charging and for topping up during the day at workplaces or public charging spots.

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