Open Clearing House Protocol (OCHP)

The Open Clearing House Protocol (OCHP) is an open-source communication protocol designed to enable seamless and standardized interaction between electric vehicle (EV) charging station management systems and clearing house systems. This protocol facilitates the connection of service providers and infrastructure providers, ensuring that EV drivers can charge their vehicles across different networks using a unified system.

OCHP aims to promote interoperability and ease of use in the EV charging infrastructure by providing a uniform SOAP-based interface solution. This protocol allows for efficient and straightforward communication between a charge point management system (CSMS) and a clearing house, enabling functions such as authorisation, billing, and the provision of charge point information. 

As an open-source protocol, OCHP encourages widespread adoption and collaborative development. It allows any entity to implement and participate in its evolution, making it an increasingly accepted standard in the international EV market. OCHP supports features such as remote start/stop of charging sessions, session information exchange, and charge point status updates. Moreover, it ensures that even if the central system encounters issues, charging sessions can still proceed without interruption by using mechanisms like user white lists. 

OCHP’s flexibility and openness contribute to the rapid development of a robust and interoperable EV charging infrastructure, facilitating the widespread adoption of electric vehicles and enhancing the overall user experience for EV drivers.

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