Charge Point Manufacturer (CPM)

A Charge Point Manufacturer is a company that designs, develops, and produces electric vehicle (EV) charging stations. These manufacturers supply the hardware and technology needed for various charging scenarios, including residential, commercial, and public installations.

Charge Point Manufacturers play a crucial role in the electric vehicle ecosystem by providing the necessary infrastructure to charge EVs. They produce a range of products from simple home chargers to advanced public charging stations capable of high-power fast charging. Their products must meet the latest technological standards and regulatory requirements, ensuring safety, reliability, and efficiency. 

These manufacturers ensure compatibility with various EV models and charging standards such as CHAdeMO, CCS (Combined Charging System), and Tesla’s proprietary connector, providing universal charging solutions. Additionally, many manufacturers offer integrated software solutions for remote monitoring, usage analytics, and over-the-air updates, enhancing the functionality and user experience of their charging stations. 

By collaborating with automotive companies, utility providers, and governments, Charge Point Manufacturers help expand the charging infrastructure network, supporting the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

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