Private Charging

Private charging refers to the use of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations with controlled access, which are not available to the general public. These charging points are typically installed at residential properties, workplaces, or other private locations and are used exclusively by the owner or authorised individuals.

Private EV charging is a crucial component of the electric vehicle ecosystem, providing EV owners with the convenience and reliability of charging their vehicles at their preferred locations. This type of charging setup can be found in various forms, including residential charging stations installed in garages or driveways, workplace chargers in employee parking areas, and chargers at private businesses accessible only to customers or employees. The key feature of private charging is the controlled access, ensuring that only authorised users can utilise the charging infrastructure. 

Private charging stations offer several advantages over public charging options. Firstly, they provide guaranteed availability, eliminating the need to wait for an open charging spot, which can be an issue with public chargers. Additionally, private charging allows users to have better control over their charging schedules and costs. For instance, homeowners can take advantage of off-peak electricity rates to charge their vehicles at lower costs. Businesses with private chargers can manage and prioritise the charging needs of their fleet or employees, ensuring operational efficiency. 

From a business perspective, private charging can also be an attractive perk for employees or a selling point for tenants in residential complexes. Charge point management systems (CPMS) enhance the functionality of private charging setups by allowing remote monitoring, access control, and customisation of charging parameters. This software enables charge point operators (CPOs) to manage both public and private chargers efficiently, setting different tariffs and usage policies as needed.

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