Eichrecht is the German and Austrian calibration law that mandates the accurate measurement of energy provided by all measuring devices, including electricity meters at EV charging stations. This law ensures that consumers receive precise and verifiable billing for the electricity used to charge their electric vehicles (EVs).

Eichrecht, formally known as the Mess- und Eichgesetz (MessEG) and Mess- und Eichverordnung (MessEV), sets strict requirements for the calibration and transparency of energy meters used in commercial transactions. In the context of EV charging, this means that the electricity meters within the charging stations must be certified by the National Metrology Institute of Germany (Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt – PTB). These meters are calibrated periodically to ensure that the energy delivered and displayed to the consumer corresponds exactly to the amount billed. 

Charging stations under Eichrecht must have certified energy meters that show the exact amount of energy consumed in real time. This information must be encrypted before being transmitted to prevent tampering. Consumers should be able to verify the accuracy of their charging session data through an independent application, such as the Transparency software provided by the Software Alliance for E-mobility (S.A.F.E.). This verification process involves checking the digital signature and public key associated with the transaction data, ensuring that the recorded and billed energy consumption is accurate and untampered. 

Eichrecht applies primarily to public and semi-public charging scenarios where users pay for their charging sessions. It also covers workplace chargers if employees must pay for charging. However, private home chargers are exempt from Eichrecht requirements. The law ensures not only the accuracy of energy measurements but also requires that all charges, including energy consumption and additional fees like parking, are transparently displayed and itemized on the invoice. This level of detail ensures consumers can trust that they are being billed correctly and fairly for the energy they use to charge their EVs.

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