European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO)

The European Alternative Fuels Observatory (EAFO) is an online portal established by the European Commission to serve as the central reference point for data and information on alternative fuels, infrastructure, and vehicles across Europe. It aims to support the transition to cleaner transportation by providing comprehensive and reliable information.

EAFO is designed to support the development and deployment of alternative fuels in the transportation sector within the European Union. It gathers, verifies, and analyses data related to alternative fuels, such as electricity, hydrogen, and natural gas, and their associated infrastructure, like charging and refuelling stations. The portal offers up-to-date statistics, interactive maps, and various reports, making it an essential tool for policymakers, industry stakeholders, and consumers. 

The Observatory assists Member States in implementing Directive 2014/94/EU, which mandates minimum coverage of alternative fuels infrastructure by specific deadlines. It also plays a critical role in monitoring the progress of the Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Regulation and the Clean Vehicles Directive. By providing detailed information on the availability and benefits of alternative fuels, EAFO helps alleviate concerns about ‘range anxiety’ and promotes the adoption of alternatively fueled vehicles. 

EAFO’s comprehensive database includes information on the number and types of alternative fuel vehicles, the distribution and accessibility of refuelling and recharging stations, and the public incentives and legislative frameworks supporting alternative fuel adoption. This data is crucial for cities, regions, and national authorities as they plan and implement their sustainable transport policies. 

Managed by a consortium led by AVERE (the European Association for Electromobility), EAFO collaborates with various stakeholders, including local governments and private entities, to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided. This collaborative approach ensures that EAFO remains a trusted and authoritative source for anyone interested in the transition to alternative fuels and sustainable mobility in Europe.

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