Plug & Charge (PnC)

Plug & Charge is a technology standardised by ISO 15118 that enables electric vehicle (EV) drivers to start charging sessions by simply plugging their vehicle into a compatible charging station. The vehicle and charging station authenticate each other automatically, facilitating a seamless and secure charging process without requiring additional user interactions such as RFID cards or mobile apps.

Plug & Charge streamlines the EV charging experience by automating authentication and billing processes. When an EV with Plug & Charge capability connects to a compatible station, they exchange encrypted digital certificates, ensuring secure communication and authentication. This process starts the charging session automatically and transmits billing information securely. The encrypted digital certificates safeguard user data, preventing potential cyber threats. This technology enhances convenience, particularly for travellers, as it eliminates the need for multiple charging cards or apps, reducing the risk of user error and inconvenience. 

Plug & Charge supports advanced features like smart charging profiles and scheduling, optimising charging times based on grid capacity and energy prices. This allows EV drivers to benefit from lower costs during off-peak hours and contribute to grid stability by avoiding peak demand times. The integration with the vehicle’s onboard systems offers a personalised charging experience, adapting to the driver’s habits and preferences. By providing a standardised, secure, and user-friendly method of charging, Plug & Charge facilitates greater EV adoption and improves the efficiency of the charging ecosystem. 

The standardisation ensures compatibility across different manufacturers and networks, fostering a more interconnected and reliable charging infrastructure. As more EVs and charging stations adopt Plug & Charge, the benefits will grow, promoting a more efficient and user-friendly charging experience. This widespread adoption is crucial for supporting the rapid growth of the EV market, reducing range anxiety, and advancing the transition to sustainable transportation. The seamless integration and enhanced user experience offered by Plug & Charge are pivotal in making electric mobility more accessible and attractive to consumers.

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